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 What are Living in the Light Meditations?

 The opportunity to still your mind, relax your body and open your heart via alchemical healing   
 meditations.  Each time you listen and experience the meditations, you are supporting yourself
 to live your life in the light, energetically supporting and co-creating a healing shift within

What is the intent of the "You and Your Environment" meditation?:

The energy and intent of this first meditation is to help you create an environmental space full of love and light that is clear from negative energies, enabling you to relax and enjoy living open heartedly in your environment.


When to use the "You and Your Environment" meditation?:

*At home on a regular basis as to help clear old karmic energies and emotions that occur within the family unit

*When you stay in another location, like a B&B, hotel or family members house as to help provide a clear space that does not contain residue of others

*When you move into a new house as to clear the old energy & memories of previous occupiers

*When you are uncomfortable or unhappy with your living space but not sure why

*In your healing space, classroom or workspace - as to keep it in optimum energy 


Who is the "You and Your Environment" meditation for:
*Everyone - Especially people who are open to energy and sensitive to the environment around them.

*Children - As they feel a build of emotions and energies in their environment and can sometimes feel overwhelmed by this.  PLEASE NOTE: Children do not have to listen to the meditation, they will receive the benefits of you clearing the negativity of the environment around them.

*People who dont like where they live - these emotions can stem from a lack of connection to the environment caused by negative energies at the location 

How long & what is the cost of the "You and Your Environment" meditation?

 This first meditation is 21 minutes long - making it easy to listen to on a regular basis and integrate into your "YOU TIME" and self healing routine.

The cost of "You and Your Environment" alchemical healing meditation is £8


Once your payment is received, it will take up to 24 hours to receive your meditation, the meditation will be sent to your paypal email address, if you would like it sent somewhere else please let us know in the message box when paying.  Thank you.

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