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Nicola's Journey

As with most healers and teachers my desire to share what I have learned has come via learning how to overcome my own pesonal issues, deep pain and lack of living joyfully.  This was of course my own karmic set up and the perfect way for me to learn about myself and the power of healing from the inside out as I truly believe we cannot help others until we can help and heal ourselves.

In my early 20's I suffered from eating disorders, self worth issues and very negative emotions, my life seemed perfect to many but to me it was incomplete, I felt unfulfilled in every way and these symptoms were all part of my heart based knowing that there was more.

When the student is ready the teacher will appear...

I tried a few different things to help me cope with my reality at that time but nothing seemed to get to the core of the issue.  I really was at my wits end and felt that I couldn’t go on.  I was at the lowest of the low until Divine synchronicity lead me to the work of Alexis Cartwright and Transference Healing® in the summer of the year 2000.

As with any internal journey there are the good and the bad points, the highs and the lows but with each One to One session I experienced there was always something new to understand, somewhere deeper to go, another part of me to be re-discovered.  My life began to flow much easier, my relationships got stronger and the future looked bright.  I understand now how much the earth changes of 1999 had pushed me to the point of crisis and perfectly into my true destiny.

 In 2005 I completed my practitioner and teacher training and went onto the next level of my journey, being of service to others.  It is a great gift and honour to see people go through their healing and ascension process and to participate in a person’s Divine reconnection process.  My passion to support this in others has really shown me the necessity of walking my talk, surrendering my control and really embodying the powers and principles of Transference Healing® and the ascension pathway. 

Due to my own personal healing journey I have a very deep love and connection to the Goddess energy, working to empower both men and women alike to re-connect to the Divine Feminine and all the glorious gifts that this entails

* Heart & emotional healing

* Nuturing & self worth

* Becoming more open and receptive

* Psychic gifts & talents

* Co-creation and manifestation

I have a passion for animals, I love and honor their Divine soul attributes, bountiful nature and unconditional love, that they give so willingly.  I also feel very connected to the elemental kingdoms and their healing powers of alchemy & nature and this really shines through in the healing sessions that I facilitate.

My favourite "past times" are spent working with animal rescue charaties and being in my ELEMENT - the unique Devon countryside of both moorland and coast.

My husband Phillip is also a Transference Healer and I feel this learning opportunity of walking a spiritual pathway together enables support for others, in bringing their own relationships and inner masculine and feminine into balance. At cetain times of the year Phillip and I work together and run Transference Healing events outdoors in sacred natural places, so keep an eye out on the events page for these wonderful one off experiences

Due to the unique nature of Transference Healing® my journey of self discover and healing nevers stops, tomorrow is always a "new day" and for this and so many other reasons I am so very grateful for its Divine pathway of light.


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