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What is Transference Healing®

You could ask Transference Healers from all over the world "What is Transference Healing®" and each one would have a unique and different answer for you. This is due to the multi dimensional nature of Transference and the fact that it combines both ancient and modern philosophies and energies into one profound healing modality. It attracts all kinds of people, with all manner of requests and personal issues. Many people  who are already awake and on their spiritual journey, like therapists, practitioners, healers and teachers  are drawn to this exceptional way of channelling energy and what can be achieved in such a short period of time.

In my own experience Transference Healing® combines everything that I’ve ever loved within the metaphysical world including: Colour and sound frequncies, crystals, vibrational essences, the elements (ether, earth, water, air, fire), alchemy, ascended masters, planetary energies, sacred geometry, spiritual animal attributes and much much more.

Transference Healing® works with all aspects of the self and can help with any physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues that may arise, releasing fear, pain and suffering and 'TRANSFERRING' you into a new and awakened state of health, happiness, freedom and opportunity.

Clients come to see me for a variety of reasons but many have similar symptoms and feelings; for example:

  • Feeling unfulfilled, unhappy, emotional extremities, hypersensitive, emotionally sensitive
  • Strange physical symptoms, ongoing health issues, hormonal imbalances, reproductive issues
  • Lack of direction, psychic restriction, feelings of being stuck, inability to let go
  • An interest in learning about their own divine healing and ascension process
  • Enhancement of self worth & empowerment and embodiment of gifts and talents

How Can Transference Healing® Help You?

Receiving regular Transference Healing® sessions, support you to achieve and sustain a consistent level of health, wellness and living in the light. It helps you to make shifts into higher levels of consciousness and self understanding, releasing deep wounding on all levels and letting go of the ego and the inner self defence mechanisms.

Transference Healing® supports you to awaken, grow, release fear, confusion, illusions and restrictions, so you can take steps towards improving all aspects of your life including relationships, gifts & talents, career and income. It guides you through your empowerment process  helping you to enjoy your life, ultimately achieving your highest vision of yourself. It is something I could talk and write about forever but it is really best understood via the experience of participation. So join me for a one to one healing, a "Lightworkers Etheric Temple" event or a "Living in the Light Meditation" to see if its the right step forwards for you.

If you would like to read more indepth information about the Transference Healing® technology and its anchor and founder Alexis Cartwright, please visit


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