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There is A Healer Within Us All

Any of the amazing Transference Healing® workshops will enable you to understand your own healing and ascension process as they empower and teach you to self heal in the moment, allowing balance, health and happiness into your every day reality.

The procedures you will be taught are helping to shift the density of the body via alchemy, enabling more light to enter and your frequency to lift. They are easy to run on yourself and your loved ones and empower you to break through your limitations and become the healer “to heal thyself.”

All of the workshops below teach you an aspect of Transference Healing® and can be taken in any order and at your own pace.

Worshops are taught in a powerful sacred space in very small and intimate groups mostly to a maximum of 4 people. This not only enables a profound experience but a high level of teaching and learning.  All workshops include a light lunch for each participant. 

Please note sometimes workshops are available on request, depending on my schedule, so please do get in touch to discuss this possibility.

Child of Light Workshop - £300 (Deposit £150) Resit £90

This workshop is aimed at anyone who has an interest in healing deep wounding and fear that is held within the heart chakra, emotional body and inner child.

Our intent by running this amazingly powerful energy is to shift, heal and release all that keeps us from residing and stabilising in the 5th dimension, releasing ourselves, from the fear, pain and struggle of every day life and our core woundings.  

Parents, teachers and people who have regular contact with children are strongly recommended to attend as to understand further about the new beautifully open and sensitive children of light, (those born mainly from 1999) and how this new wave of evolved souls is supporting our new world and realities through their divine attributes, high frequency light and gifts. Learn how to run deep heart healing energy to support primarily yourself and then others around you, allowing a more balanced, supportive and refined family unit.   

In this full day you will learn:

*Profound energetic procedures that support the deep healing of your own inner child, emotional body and heart      

* To create a unique re-connection back to the earth and the crystal ley lines of light and energy    

*Energy work that can be used when you (or your child) are ill or experiencing unusual symptoms  

* How to template and create a high frequency space that supports sensitive adults & children    

* Procedures that protect you (and your child's) energy from negativity in the environment and from others     

*  Information on how to support the natural growth of you (and your child’s) spiritual evolution 

Included in the price:

  • High Frequency tools to create a 5th Dimensional Grid Template in your home
  • Templates to support the running of the energy procedures  
  • Full Days Tuition 9.30am - 5.00pm      
  • Workshop information manual                       
  • Refreshments
  • Light Lunch

Next Available Dates

Friday 23rd March 2018


Animal Magic Workshop -  £230 (Deposit £115) Resit £90

This powerful workshop creates a deep heartfelt re-connection to inter-dimensional energies, realities and beings, allowing you to integrate the Shamanic aspect of Transference Healing®. Working with a diverse range of global earth animals, beautiful elemental spirits and amazingly powerful mystical animals, this empowering workshop enables you to truly understand your own healing and ascension process. Allowing you to go deeper into yourself, your psychic gifts and your connection to the earth and cosmos.                                 

In this full day you will:

*Learn how to re-connect to the wisdom of the Animal Kingdom for the integration of their healing soul attributes.

*Experience the Elemental Kingdom and understand their vital support for our personal alchemical healing journey

*Integrate the Mythical Kingdom to refine all aspects of personal power. 

*Empower your psyche to create intuitive readings for yourself and your loved ones

*Learn to create an etheric Sacred Circle of Fire ritual that is used to create deep healing, purification and empowerment.

Included In the Price:

  • Sacred Circle of Fire Gridding Crystal Kit - Selanite Wand & 13 Crystals   
  • Sage Smudging Stick
  • Beautiful silk bag for your deck of cards                      
  • Full days tuition 9.30am - 5.00pm                     
  • Workshop information manual              
  • Refreshments
  • Light Lunch

 Please note: The Transference Animal Magic Cards are not included in this price and will need to be brought prior to the workshop.

Next Available Dates

Saturday 14th July 2018

Beyond Doorways - Level 1 Workshop - £300 (Deposit £150) Resit £90

An in-depth workshop to accompany the amazing Beyond Doorways Book, focusing on empowering you to run simple but profound Transference Healing® procedures on yourself and your loved ones to self heal in the moment.


These 12 high frequency procedures can be run individually at any time, or run one after each other to create a more in-depth healing process, they will easily became an invaluable part of your life as they balance, support and heal you.  You will receive 15 Lightbody Essences so you can regularly make your own vibrational prescription that will support your healing process & preventatively care against Lightbody symptoms. 

In this day you will:

*Understand the powers of Mother Earth and her constant changes into a higher dimension

*Open yourself up to the teachings of the power of alchemy and turning matter into light

*Learn how to run self healing procedures so you can sustain more light, balance and wellness

*Work with Dragon Power and Raven Power energies and procedures

* Reconnect back to your own healing powers, enhancing your own personal growth and enlightenment process

Included In the Price:


  • Vogel Clear Quartz Crystal Wand     
  • 15 Beyond Doorways Lightbody Essences in a wooden  box                                       
  • Healing procedure templates
  • Full Days Tuition 9.30am - 5.00pm  
  • Workshop Information Manual   
  • Refreshments
  • Light lunch


Next Available Dates

Saturday 15th September 2018

Beyond Doorways - Level 2 Workshop - £300 - Deposit (£150) Resit £90

An introduction to the more "Mystery School" concepts and teachings of Transference Healing® working with ancient wisdom and technology.

It is a healing journey through time as we go back to the origins of earth and her creation, helping to heal our dna and genetic family line.  

The teachings are cosmic in nature and help to heal higher aspects of the self and lightbody.

In this day you will:

*Experience Sacred Crystal Skull procedures from Atlantis

*Work with your DNA via a Lemurian Timeline Seed crystal

*Learn inter-dimensional healing procedures with male and female crystal wands,

*Experience via meditation cosmic worlds and dimensions

*Participate in the ancient energies and art of "gridding" suspending yourself between the earth and cosmic energies as to integrate the Lightbody via the Pentagram Stargate Procedure.


Included In the Price: 

◦2 Clear Quartz Crystal Wands
◦Lemurian Time Line Crystal Wand
◦Small crystal Skull                                  
◦Crystal Gridding Kit - 13 Crystals & Template    
◦Full Days Tuition 9.30am  - 5.00pm                                  
◦Workshop information manual    
◦Light lunch     

Please note:This is a more intense & advanced workshop & can only be taken after completing Level 1 


Next Available Date

Sunday 16th September 2018


4 Day Fundamentals Training - £1,485 (Deposit £750) Resit £750

This self healing workshop is run over 4 days and is for anyone who is interested in taking more of a responsibility in their own personal growth and ascension process, learning how to work multi-dimensionally and channelling the frequencies and elements that come through from the Earth and Cosmos.   These fundamental procedures are divinely facilitated by participants to support the alchemical changes needed in the human body in order for it to genetically mutate itself from a from a lower to a higher dimensional frequency, releasing density, fear and restriction and  supporting the anchoring of light and lightbody.  In stepping into a fundamental training you are not only learning to facilitate this divine technology, by working on your physical body and your consciousness but it supports the shifting of your reality as well, so life really is never the same  again.

The Fundamentals teachings are a pathway to support your own Divinely guided healing and ascension journey, you need not have a desire to become a Transference Healing “Practitioner” you can purely learn to support your own transformation process, re-connecting back to your forgotten gifts and talents that you can then utilise in your ever evolving reality.

In this workshop you will:

*Learn extensive alchemical healing procedures that create deep healing, change and growth

*Experience the multi dimensional energies and layers of Transference Healing

*Intuitively experience the feedback given by the etheric body as to support a Divine healing process

*Learn how to "read" the etheric body and its vibrational distorsions

*Open yourself up to your own personal Divine spiritual healing gifts and talents

*Taking on new levels of responsability to "Heal thyself"

Included In the Price:    


  •  A 276 page Practitioners Manual (also known as the Fundamental Manual)    
  •  A set of 6 full colour Practitioners Templates and a Healing Record Template 
  •  The complete practitioners Lightbody Kit of 77 mother tincture vibrational essences                                           
  •  A 150 page full colour Lightbody Kit book - inclusive of colour photographs identifying all the lightbody crystals and divination charts
  •  Fundamentals Training Certificate of Achievement, signed by Alexis  Cartwright herself        
  •  Graduates Presentation CD 
  •  Full 4 Days Tuition 9.30am - 5.00pm    
  •  Refreshments
  • Light Lunch x 4 days

Next Available Date

October 2018 - dates TBC


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